Love So Divine – Romantic FULL Korean Movie with english subtitles

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Lily Sanchez says:

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AnimeMyAnswer says:


wolfnaruto12 says:

ahhh there is no arabic sub :( (
but i watched it good movie :) )

Ariel See says:

I just download the full movie on

angela12361 says:

this that girl from secret garden??

darko yzyz says:

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BloodyGaaraOfSand says:

the tags…..o.o

MrSirtalos says:

my wife… i wish  lol

Ceci Leang says:

ay he’s so cuteeee . unf.

justene gavas says:

aissssttt .. mobile youtube doesnt have CC ;(

hamada soghair says:


shandita34 says:

Cute Movie!! Shows how they both grew up in a short period of time!

dumplanggg says:

Wrong comment t.t

dumplanggg says:

Click “cc” for subtitles.

jennifercornelio66 says:

nice movie.he juzt follow what’s really in his heart

James D says:

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Mangalbazzar says:

you can download the subtitles here : subscene dot com and use VLC player to use the subs ( Go to Video

bloodvain571 says:

If you want english subtitles press the [CC] Button by the cogwheel settings. You’re welcome.

Apple Liwayway says:

love it… more korean love story… learn also to use English so that no need subs…thank you…

alemariejanezombie says:

I can’t find the subtitles….so i dont understand what they are say

ian pelayo says:

bubuchichang kukunang ek ek ek! kungkwala tirikungkwala ek ek ek…..

Apple Liwayway says:

click the caption and you will see,,,

denesh87 says:

which i suppose to look.. the subs or the movie.. Wasted..

kitty18kulit says:

just click the caption button to see the eng sub


there is no eng subtitles … cancel downlading ~

Krizia Gonzales says:

Yea! Fashion King was a waste! I gave it a chance until the last episode, but they failed me. I don’t really get how it was able to pull off ratings versus Love Rain. If it weren’t for Ah In, I wouldn’t watch it. Haha.

samsilog24 says:

@MzNeekie Where is the cc button?

samsilog24 says:

@mssegacrazy What? I am using my phone in watching

fireranger17 says:

can somebody tell me the name of rthe song from 0:56 nd where can i download it from? thnks

Hanybgswn says:

Bluff said eng sub !!! Fuck !!

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